Green Tea Soy

So as I promised, here's how I make my green tea soy milk!

What you need is:
Soy bean milk
Two green tea bags or 2-3 teaspoons of green tea powder
1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder
1 chai tea bag

First, measure out the amount of soy bean milk you need to fill your cup, then pour into a saucepan and start
simmering under low heat. Then place your green tea powder/bag and also the chai tea into the milk, and stir.
From time to time, use a spatula and press on the tea bags to ensure the tea is being infused into the milk. Finally,
add half a tablespoon of cocoa powder and stir until dissolved. Then serve immediately! 

- Justin

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Dolce & Gabbana: Sicily was definitely Dolce and Gabbana's constant inspiration. It never grows old because
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are constantly giving us stunning collections season after season.
In my point of view, I believe their vision is becoming more mature. There are many looks within this collection


Streetstyle Inspiration

T  O  M  M  Y    T  O  N    I  N  S  P  I  R  A  T  I  O  N

I want a Kenzo sweater so bad! I cant help but be jealous of how cute these two look in their matching Kenzo
tiger sweatshirts! She's growing up to be a fashionista I see. 


J.W. Anderson: This season, J.W. Anderson has obviously taken a lighter mood with minimalism. The use of
a lighter white palette is different from his darker 'all black' collections seen before. This season, its crisp and



Proenza Schouler: This has to be my favourite of NYFW if not all of SS14 so far! I'm mesmerised by the amazing
work McCollough and Hernandez did this season. The silhouettes, the textiles, the accessories... everything


Skincare Regime

Its quite depressing to mention this, but I have to admit my skin is shit. Maybe I just get some bad genes from my 
Dad HAHA. I tend to have oily skin and occasionally get acne bursts. So after endless years (maybe months) 
of finding the right products that suit my skin best, here they are! 

So first of all, the 1 Glam Glow Supermud Mask. I've just recently discovered this and its great! After usage,
bumps just magically disappear! Plus, it gets rid of your blackheads too. Now, even my sister uses it! I usually
use this once every week (10-15 minutes then rinse off).

Next, I use the Citrus Facial Wash from Perricone MD. This cleanser suits me super well because it helps
get rid of your oil super well and also targets acne prone skin. Plus, its the best smelling cleanser i've came
across so far!

Then, depending on the weather, I might use the Oil Control Solution from Lab Series Men to keep my skin
matte during the day.

After that, I use the super Le Jour de Chanel to keep my skin looking energised after little sleep - from too much
homework :(. This brightensup your complexion!

Then off to getting rid of those eye bags/black eye circles, with Kyoku for Men Eye Fuel! This product
has two compartments, one gel, and the other lotion, use these both together to achieve a 'less sleepy' look.

Finally, moisturising. As you know, with oily skin, its best to find a moisturiser that isn't too rich. So thats
why I chose the Oil Control Lotion from Kyoku for Men. Its great and it uses traditional Japanese medicinal

So hopefully you enjoyed reading this and just remember to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated!

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Pierre Balmain SS14

P   I   E   R   R   E       B   A   L   M   A   I   N

Photos above taken from style.com and used to make my layout

Fashion week is back! I'm ever so excited for this season a
nd see what designers I already love come up with!
On top of that, I'm hoping to see more new, innovative designers as well. I'm sure there's great potential for all of

So to kick it off, Pierre Balmain. Once I saw this on style.com, I just absolutely fell in love with this prominent
grunge-punk aesthetic! Firstly, lets talk about the looks. The overall monochromatic collection consists of basics
that has a sort of edge/punk feel to it. Who knew basic garments made in a rough and ragged way looked so
good? The mens tank top with stretched armholes looks great! Especially the zip detailing on the side hems! I
can't wait till next season and sneak in a purchase! Being my skinny self, I'd personally wear a top like that over
another basic/a printed shirt to give it more texture. The ripped up sweatshirt looks great too! Personally,
I'm not a fan of purposely 'made to tear' pieces, but this gives the collection a 'rebel' side. For menswear,
most of the looks were paired with a classic Balmain jean, black leather boots and of course, a studded belt. On the
other hand, womenswear had a bit more polish to it, with a stunning cropped white turtleneck top.

Moving on to beauty, I just love the wet haired look for the girls! It just helps to reinforce the 'punk' theme that
much more!

Can't wait till its in stores!



Off to Stockholm via Silja Line! 

Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I was so happy to explore this gorgeous city! Helsinki claimed the No. 1 spot
for Monocle's 'Most Liveable City Award' in 2011 and I truly see why it did! The summer weather here is just
perfect, people are so friendly, the architecture is a combination of modernist design and traditional qualities!
Its the world design capital too!

Walking through Helsinki's fish market, its great to see that a lot of people here are promoting Finland's locally
grown produce! Who would've thought that strawberries here taste better than anything else i've tried! Wishing
to come back here soon! 


Summer 2013 Pt1 - Lapland

 Night at the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen

 I didn't realize reindeer exist until I actually saw them outside our lodge.

Nordkapp - The tip of northern Europe

Who knew the water here is just as beautiful as Bora Bora?

Angry birds originated from Finland, so theres definitely an array of angry bird products here. 

Part 1 of my Summer photo diary! So this summer, i've got the privilege to explore Northern Europe, or also known
as Scandinavia. So in this part, I'd love to share with you the natural beauty of Lapland, Finland and Nordkapp,
Norway. Stay tuned for more photographs!


My Dream Team

D   R   E   A   M      T   E   A   M

Finally! A post! I never knew LPD had Phoebe Philo tees, but once I came upon this I was happier than ever!
Until i'm actually working my dream job next to Philo at Céline, I'd buy this tee and pretend i'm already on her team!

P.S. I already have a Dries shirt, so do I still qualify on both? 


Summer - Video

S   U   M   M   E   R

Its summer so why not celebrate the beauty of this season by making a film of it?
A compilation of footage shot in Copenhagen 2013.
"Having The Compass" by Helios *watch in HD :)

Its summer, the times where you can get seriously bored. So recently, I randomly came across the thought of making
a short film with clips I took in my trip to Northern Europe this summer. Note, the film just consists of greenery, 
so its less of a story, more like an ode to this lovely season. I hope to eventually post the photos of my trip, so hope
you like my first ever video!


Part 2 Summer Guide

M   Y      G   U   I   D   E      T   O      S   U   M   M   E   R

(P  A  R  T   2)


A   N   A   T   O   M   Y

After a day of intense tanning and swimming at my estate, I had a walk around the garden, and picked up a 
few selections of various plants. This photo series embodies the selection of what is considered 'beautiful' 
in the natural world. Something that is broken up - wilted - brown - dead, is not necessarily ugly, but can be 
looked at from another point of view. For example, the torn up flower gives a somewhat peaceful, tranquil 
essence. The wilted dead leaves manifests a pure end - the simple, motionless death. The series emphasises
the details within plant life and enlightens us to remember and to appreciate the beauty of every little thing. 


Cédric Charlier

C   É   D   R   I   C      C   H   A   R   L   I   E   R

Above are images (courtesy of style.com) from Cédric Charlier's 2014 resort collection, which has been one of 
my favourites this season. Charlier collection's campaign "Another Africa" clearly shows the inspiration
that derived from it. The clear cut silhouettes of these pieces are absolutely breathtaking, especially done in these 
sharp bold colours. The combination of the lush green colour and the bright red is just a perfect match made 
in heaven. These complimentary colours work so well together that it makes the rather monochrome collection 
so much more interesting! I love the wide legged cropped black pants on photo four too! It's also great how 
Charlier subtlety introduces a prints in the leatherwear, and the shoes...need I say more?  The colour blocking 
might be quite overdone, but i'm loving how he uses texture to neutralise that boldness. The variations of lengths
also helps to reinforce the 'another' of the campaign. In the end, my favourite photo is definitely the first B&W one,
so minimal, so simple, so effortless. In a way, it somewhat reminds me of Jil Sander and Phoebe Philo @Céline. 
Will introducing subtle prints be a new take on minimalism? 



D   E   N   I   M

Denim from Céline SS11 <- vintage! (Colour block-Phillip Lim alternative)

Denim shirt from Acne (instagram) (similar here)

Denim, one of the longest lasting trends out there. No matter what type of denim you invest in, it should always
be a keeper. As seen above, the colour blocked denim done by Céline (Phoebe Philo) for their SS11 collection
is graphic yet sophisticated; casual yet elegant. Personally, I prefer the shirt on the right, as the balance of lights 
and darks are just right. 

Denim, can be worn in all seasons. Spring: a casual chambray shirt over a casual tee. Enough to keep you 
warm and stylish in the 'sometimes-chilly' spring. Summer: a sleeveless denim vest (varying in thickness)
to keep you cool and breezy under the hot sun. Fall: a chambray shirt again, to act as a layering piece. Wear a
lightweight trench over it, and a luxe-tee under it. Winter: invest in a thick denim biker jacket with black
leather (from ACNE here). Or, when the sun is out, wear a chambray top as a base, and put an oversized 
knit over. 


Going Minimal

G   O   I   N   G       M   I   N   I   M   A   L

Pencil shavings, by Piotr Uklanski @Gagosian Gallery HK

Hot Chocolate from Classified 

Misty trees on the way to school

Streets from Zagreb, Croatia.

Dinner Dance 2013 outfit. Jacket from ACNE (here)

Trying out a new minimal aesthetic on my instagram!