Skincare Regime

Its quite depressing to mention this, but I have to admit my skin is shit. Maybe I just get some bad genes from my 
Dad HAHA. I tend to have oily skin and occasionally get acne bursts. So after endless years (maybe months) 
of finding the right products that suit my skin best, here they are! 

So first of all, the 1 Glam Glow Supermud Mask. I've just recently discovered this and its great! After usage,
bumps just magically disappear! Plus, it gets rid of your blackheads too. Now, even my sister uses it! I usually
use this once every week (10-15 minutes then rinse off).

Next, I use the Citrus Facial Wash from Perricone MD. This cleanser suits me super well because it helps
get rid of your oil super well and also targets acne prone skin. Plus, its the best smelling cleanser i've came
across so far!

Then, depending on the weather, I might use the Oil Control Solution from Lab Series Men to keep my skin
matte during the day.

After that, I use the super Le Jour de Chanel to keep my skin looking energised after little sleep - from too much
homework :(. This brightensup your complexion!

Then off to getting rid of those eye bags/black eye circles, with Kyoku for Men Eye Fuel! This product
has two compartments, one gel, and the other lotion, use these both together to achieve a 'less sleepy' look.

Finally, moisturising. As you know, with oily skin, its best to find a moisturiser that isn't too rich. So thats
why I chose the Oil Control Lotion from Kyoku for Men. Its great and it uses traditional Japanese medicinal

So hopefully you enjoyed reading this and just remember to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated!

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