Summer 2013 Pt1 - Lapland

 Night at the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen

 I didn't realize reindeer exist until I actually saw them outside our lodge.

Nordkapp - The tip of northern Europe

Who knew the water here is just as beautiful as Bora Bora?

Angry birds originated from Finland, so theres definitely an array of angry bird products here. 

Part 1 of my Summer photo diary! So this summer, i've got the privilege to explore Northern Europe, or also known
as Scandinavia. So in this part, I'd love to share with you the natural beauty of Lapland, Finland and Nordkapp,
Norway. Stay tuned for more photographs!


My Dream Team

D   R   E   A   M      T   E   A   M

Finally! A post! I never knew LPD had Phoebe Philo tees, but once I came upon this I was happier than ever!
Until i'm actually working my dream job next to Philo at CĂ©line, I'd buy this tee and pretend i'm already on her team!

P.S. I already have a Dries shirt, so do I still qualify on both? 


Summer - Video

S   U   M   M   E   R

Its summer so why not celebrate the beauty of this season by making a film of it?
A compilation of footage shot in Copenhagen 2013.
"Having The Compass" by Helios *watch in HD :)

Its summer, the times where you can get seriously bored. So recently, I randomly came across the thought of making
a short film with clips I took in my trip to Northern Europe this summer. Note, the film just consists of greenery, 
so its less of a story, more like an ode to this lovely season. I hope to eventually post the photos of my trip, so hope
you like my first ever video!