Inspiration 2

I   N   S   P   I   R   A   T   I   O   N      2

Inspiration: Black beach and Jokulsarlon, Iceland. 

These incredible, fantasy-like landscapes are found in Iceland. The various tones of blues looks stunning, 
with the contrast of the sunset colours. The beaches, monochromatic but full of textures. 



Balenciaga SS13

B   A   L   E   N   C   I   A   G   A       S   S   1   3

Photos from Balenciaga SS13 Campaign (Shop Here)

I have to admit that it's quite sad that Balenciaga's SS13 collection is Nicolas Ghesquiere's last. 

Alexander Wang has always been one of my favourite designers. His design aesthetic is so original, fresh, 
youthful... No doubt that he'll be great at Balenciaga. In his recent FW13 debut collection @Balenciaga, 
we finally realise that he can bring something that suits the 'Balenciaga style' to the table.  In FW13, he went 
back to the classics. We could see that Wang has spent a lot of time doing research on the brand's roots, as we 
saw classic Balenciaga silhouettes - such as cocoon jackets, clean crisp cuts etc. 

Back to SS13. Even though Ghesquiere's departure was completely uncalled for, he still managed to design
this magnificent collection (shown above). Out of the whole collection, my favourite piece is the white sleek 
cutout top Kirstin Liljegren is wearing above. Just look at the monochromatic SS13 campaign and let the 
photos speak for themselves. Isn't it a beauty?


U   P      I   N      T   H   E      A   I   R

(Taken with Canon 600D, Sigma 35mm f1.4 - above Helsinki)

Over the years, I've flown quite a lot. It came to me that the best place to take photos are on planes. Who can resist 
clicking the shutter to these amazing views? Who cares about the unappetising food? Who cares about the crammed 
seats? The views make everything worth it.