2:Inspiration Board

Inspiration board #2! Since its already quite warm here in Hong Kong, I'm starting to move towards an
actual spring/summer colour palette. Yes, you heard me, I'm switching my usual B&W wardrobe to a more
coloured based one! Surprising right? :)

So, this detailed close up COS campaign peach tone, the Dior Cruise 2015 beauty look, a pretty cool water
painting and this portrait shot is what I'm thinking of right now!

- Justin


1:Inspiration Board

Sorry I've been away from posting for so long! Here's my first post of my new series: Inspiration boards,
where I will be posting a series of photos once a few days to update you guys on what inspiring me at that time!

So here it is! Looks from the Elizabeth & James Resort 2015, Derek Lam's first resort collection at Hugo
Boss, and this infinity pool at a resort in Bali (obviously showing how much i'm longing for a resort vacay)!

Going to NYC, Chicago, London and Amsterdam next month so be sure to keep updated with my 'personal'
instagram: @otherfabrications, and of course my main @justincywong!

- Justin


B - Balmain

Okay so I've stopped this on instragram for a while but I'm hoping to get back into drawing these sketches
by mid May after my school exams! We'll see, I'm still doing SATs in June. But for now, heres a more HD version
of my Balmain sketches! Sorry its still quite blurry and scanned weirdly but I'll be improving it asap! 

So Enjoy! Give me feedback on how to improve them in the future! :) 

- Justin


Perfect Black Items

So heres the long awaited post! I'm truly sorry about going on so many hiatuses but hey, taking the SATs
is a valid excuse right? So anyway, back on topic. Here, I decided to select a few of the 'perfect' black items
which can be found from the current SS season! So you may ask, why black? First of all, black is just everywhere
in my wardrobe and also secondly, its such a versatile 'colour'! So why the apostrophes? Because as Ricardo
Tisci once said, "Black is always elegant. It is the most complete colour in the whole word, made of all the
 colours in the palette". Well, I see it more as the opposite of light. But still valid! Here's
the list below!

1. The Black Backpack - This version by Common Projects is killing it! The boxy yet relaxed shape with a
spacious front pocket!

2. The Black Duffle - What else. Its the perfect Saint Laurent you can find from their mens section!

3. The Black Wallet - Rather than a plain grained/smooth black leather, spice it up with a grid embossed
print by Pierre Hardy!

4. The Black Chelsea Boot - Chelsea boots are my recent obsession and the current season, these Margielas
are my fave! But I've got my eye on the FW14 Givenchy ones too!

5. The Black Jean - Saint Laurent black jeans. What every guy who wants to add a bit of 'biker' and 'rock' to
their outfit!

6. The Black Blazer - The perfect one from Jil Sander with cool orange grid details. And its reversible
too! What a great 'value for money' investment!

7. The Black Bomber - The perfect spring lightweight bomber by Sandro!

8. The Black Watch - A limited edition watch by Larsson and Jennings! Hopefully I'll get my hands on their
silver chain one soon!

9. The Black Espadrilles - DO NOT LOOK FOR THESE until I say so and buy it. I don't want you guys to steal
all the available stock. My mouth is shut about my absolute top list item now.

10. The Black Sandal - Super cool and modern take on a greek sandal! So whats your thought on this sandal
trend? - Pierre Hardy

11. The Black Biker - Saint Laurent's permanent collection. So don't bother waiting for sale, it wont be just
because its literally worth that $3000 USD. This is actually the epitome of biker jackets and what every
design out there should aspire to be!

I skipped 12 because i'm not that fond about that number. haha jokes. casual mistakes :)

13. The Black Shades - I think my favourite shades now are all from Thom Browne. They do it best with
the right amount of gold detailing and red white blue motif!

14. The Black Shirt - A fun, more colourful take of the classic short sleeved black dress shirt by Raf Simons!
I love the addition of the warm tone prints on the collar!

15. The Black Coat - Okay this looks navy but i've seen it in black in stores! The classic Saint Laurent
duffle coat. Once again, this is on its permanent collection and NEVER goes on sale :'(.

16. The Black Trousers - I am in loved with tailored cropped trousers and this pair by Lanvin is just the right
choice for me! And possibly you too!

17. The Black Sneakers - The classic pair of soft leather sneaks by Common Projects is great. And I approve
it is super super super comfy!

18. The Black Shorts - Tailored ribbed jersey shorts by Neil Barrett helps add a luxe sport element to your look
but at the same time, makes it look sophisticated and 'expensive'!

19. The Black Sweatshirt - Tim Coppens has become one of my recent fave menswear designers and
cool sleeve colour block panel sweatshirt is just the right thing to be subtle and daring at the same time!
The perforated leather panels just do it for me! :)

So thats it! I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed making this collage. Note, all
these items I've selected have not been sponsored at all and reflect what I personally would want to buy
this season in Black!

Let me know if you want to see my take on a womenswear selection later. Comment down below or on my
instagram (@justincyong)!

- Justin


A - Alexander Wang

So If you follow me on instagram (@justincywong), you might know i've started this A-Z brand / sketching
challenge thing. So basically i'll be sketching 3 looks that I love from brands from A-Z hopefully everyday
and I'll be posting them on instagram of course - thats life. And i'll be posting these detailed HD versions
her on my blog! So hopefully you like them so this is A for Alexander Wang! Looks all from his SS13 
collection with those gorgeous fishline dresses! 

Enjoy! And hope you give me feedback on my sketches and how I could always improve them! 

- Justin


The Slip On Edit

After another long hiatus, and getting super sick consecutively over a week, I figured I should start posting
again to make up for the absences! I really wish I could promise you that I would post more regularly now,
however, I will be taking my SATs and end of year exams next month, so I can't guarantee you'll see more
posts :(

Anyway, lets talk about slip ons! I've been loving this trend so much, even though I may not be the type
to pull it off. I can tell you the women's section has way more choices and way more styles that I like - i.e.
the CĂ©line black pony hair ones, but agh! I wish they had my size. But the slip on trend is also becoming
very popular amongst the menswear world! So I picked a few bright and statement slip ons above, as well
as some dark, simple styles to edge up a look!

1. These croc embossed Jimmy Choos are to die for! They absolutely suit my craving for black and textured
croc! Hopefully I can get that amazing croc printed KVA shirt along with it!
2. These oily teal blue leather slip-ons from Common Projects are great! Its a great 'unexpected' shade
of blue to pull off! And I just love how soft the leathers are Common Projects works with.
3. Bright coral red slip ons from Lanvin is the way to go if you want to stand out in the crowd!
4. I just love the contrast between the sleek polished black leather against the rough unrefined canvas material
of this Mcqueen slip on.
5. Never be to shy to pull of a print with Mugler
6. For a more winter appropriate selection, opt for these Jil Sander brown suede slip-ons.
7. Similar to the Lanvin coral slip-ons, try pink leather with MMM!

// Jimmy Choo // Common Projects // Lanvin //
// Alexander Mcqueen // Mugler // Jil Sander // MMM //

- Justin