D   E   N   I   M

Denim from Céline SS11 <- vintage! (Colour block-Phillip Lim alternative)

Denim shirt from Acne (instagram) (similar here)

Denim, one of the longest lasting trends out there. No matter what type of denim you invest in, it should always
be a keeper. As seen above, the colour blocked denim done by Céline (Phoebe Philo) for their SS11 collection
is graphic yet sophisticated; casual yet elegant. Personally, I prefer the shirt on the right, as the balance of lights 
and darks are just right. 

Denim, can be worn in all seasons. Spring: a casual chambray shirt over a casual tee. Enough to keep you 
warm and stylish in the 'sometimes-chilly' spring. Summer: a sleeveless denim vest (varying in thickness)
to keep you cool and breezy under the hot sun. Fall: a chambray shirt again, to act as a layering piece. Wear a
lightweight trench over it, and a luxe-tee under it. Winter: invest in a thick denim biker jacket with black
leather (from ACNE here). Or, when the sun is out, wear a chambray top as a base, and put an oversized 
knit over. 


  1. HEY! Loved your photos on my #SUPERGRAMOMG challenge :) I really wanted to use more than one photo from a few users but felt bad and that I should just use at least 1 from each person, anyway would've loved to show more of your pics! Thanks for taking part :)

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