Design 1

D   E   S   I   G   N   :   A . W   A   N   G

Photos from A.Wang's SS13 Collection Campaign. 
Design: By me. Pencil on cartridge. 

A.Wang's SS13 collection was amazing. The use of fishline to attach various pieces of fabrics together creates 
a levitation effect. A.Wang managed to make the girls all so edgy and cool! Don't you think their campaign
is to die for? I was inspired by the attached fabrics, therefore I designed a look myself to resemble Wang's
aesthetic of SS13. The look I designed consists of a short deep V jacket with a tail, and a strapless white 
dress. I wanted the short sleeved jacket to stand out more, therefore I kept the white dress very simple. For 
the dress, the bust flaps are attached with fish line. The jacket has attached cap short sleeves, and a attached
tail piece. The symmetry is very A.Wang, and the different lengths creates more interest. I decided to pair 
this look with an edgy bootie, which also uses the fish-line technique to join the thick leather ankle strap.  

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