Dolce & Gabbana: Sicily was definitely Dolce and Gabbana's constant inspiration. It never grows old because
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are constantly giving us stunning collections season after season.
In my point of view, I believe their vision is becoming more mature. There are many looks within this collection

where young fashionistas would be crazy about, but also something where you could find out of your (stylish)
grandma's vintage closet. Therefore not only the ideas are growing within this creative house, but also the
variety of target customers. Anyway, back to the looks. I loved how they incorporated graphic prints or rather
images of ancient Greek/Sicilian cultures, structures, medallions into tops, dresses...etc. The use of lace throughout
the collection was very Dolce and also again, reinforcing the Sicilian cultural influences of the brand. The iconic
Greek columns were used literally on the heels, which no doubts looked great. Also the use of medallions
on jewellery, belts and head pieces gave great accents to each look too. It finished off with a very very gold
finale with all models in rather similar gold dresses storming out - it looked way too perfect! Bravo Domenico
and Stefano!


Marni: This season, Marni gave us a twist. They went sporty. From the visors to the flat platformed sandals
to the striped belts, everything resembled a sporty girl. So has the "Marni girl" joined the sports team? Jokes
aside, I thought this collection did rather well to complement the Marni aesthetic. Clean cut, well tailored
and effortless. On the day of the show, there was a power outage, so instead of the girls walking with a beat,
they did it in complete silence. This created a simple, serene atmosphere, which the audience responded quite
well to! Thinking of silent shows, I would've never have thought of a sporty show done in silence. I wish I
could be there to experience it all. What I would associate silent shows to is the amazing FW12 Dries Van
Noten show done to Bon Iver's Woods. That show was simply stunning and I cant seem to get it out of my
mind. Ohh and those wrapped/draped skirts looked great, it played very well with the structural tops and for
some reason, it reminds me of towels wrapped round their legs after a shower or something. Sorry, my imagination
just goes overboard. 


Jil Sander: The minimal queen is back. Her second show since she returned back to her 'home'. I noticed
that Jil's minimal aesthetic is a lot softer now, compared to what we've seen from her before. No doubts the tailoring
is impecable, the silhouettes are new and superb. The proportions are done to perfection. What I liked about
this collection was how Jil gave the girls a more feminine look. The deep necklines, almost off shoulder dresses.
Cant wait to see her next collection!

And the setting, the clear panels set center stage looked super nice, enhancing the 'minimal' of the brand.


Fendi: Karl does it again. This season, he explored organza in various different ways. Layering, laser cutting
gathering...etc. The colour palette was great, the bright red-pinks and the deep sea royal blues. The layering
of different tones of the colours was done to perfection. Using organza to create graphic houndstooth patterns
was such an innovative idea! Incorporating the thick winter houndstooth fabric into a light, airy spring look.
Not only organza was used, crystals were also used! A whole dress embellished with real crystals and the
shoes to amplify that. The shoes look as if they're made of glass/crystals as well, but is rather acrylic PVC.

I'm sorry, but Fendi was just better than Chanel. This might be a sin to you guys, but Chanel's just not my style. 

- Justin

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