Happy New Year

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Happy New Year guys! I hope you had a great time in 2013 and made all your resolutions you set for yourself!
2013 flew by so quickly! 2013 was a challenging year. Not only the exams made it tough, but also trying 
to stay focused and being a better person too. 

Now on to 2014! I have been neglecting my blog way too much ( I am obsessed with 1 month hiatuses. 
jokes ) , therefore this coming year I hope to post more often and know more about you guys. Maybe even 
giveaways! I have a few things coming up that I'm really excited for, so be sure to stay tuned for it all. 
I really hope you all make some wonderful 2014 resolutions and enjoy this coming year like its your last! 

I'm doing this off my head, but my resolutions for this year would be:
1. At the end of the day, think of all the good things that has happened and forget all the negatives!

2. Find my own personal style, maybe tackle the monochrome looks?

3. Build up the confidence to finally make outfit posts ( I doubt it though ;) )

4. Be more organised and more hardworking! Trying my best at absolutely everything.

5. Cut down on the caffeine. (This past year I drank way too much coffee and tea, its time to drink more 

6. Cut on spending and get investment pieces instead.

7. Be more true to myself and more genuine in everything I do!

8. Talk more and make more friends! 

9. Build on family relations! I love my fam so much! 

10. I can't really think of anymore now...I'll get back to you guys soon!


- Justin

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